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Many healthcare systems must address difficult and expensive challenges stemming from complex and inefficient processes, lack of transparency and trust, siloed operations, excessive data access and compliance costs, fraud, waste, and errors. We offer Bloxure, a Blockchain based tool set that will enhance efficiency, improve interoperability, and increase trust for several high-impact healthcare payer/provider processes.

Unlike traditional centralized digital identity models, our self-sovereign identity based Blockchain platform offers the following benefits:

  • Distributed credentialing that ensures resilience to credential-stuffing attacks
  • Avoiding the need for sensitive personal data to be stored beyond user’s personal devices
  • Provable means to verify identity with the source
  • Reduced instances of identity fraud and completely avoiding the need to share personal sensitive information
  • Preserving user’s right to privacy and right to decide when and what information about themselves should be shared
  • Avoiding central point of failure via a distributed network of trusted organizations

Our solution differentiates from the competition based on the innovation employed in self-sovereign identity supported by the Blockchain platform and ensuring healthcare system processes are tightly integrated with the platform.


The Cyber Risk Scoring and Mitigation (CRISM) tool employs advanced threat assessment techniques to identify and measure the security vulnerabilities of your company’s cloud IT infrastructure. The tool provides a visual representation of your overall cybersecurity posture and provides recommendations for mitigating risks, allowing you to focus and prioritize your protective measures.

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URMA maps potential vulnerabilities and attack paths to a utility’s critical OT assets. This tool can be augmented with additional data to deliver analyses that help prioritize vulnerabilities for mitigation and investment plans. URMA supports development of utility remediation plans based on security policies and budgets, operational resilience and cyber risk thresholds. You can watch a brief video that explains more about this important risk analysis tool for OT cyber security.


Promize is a blockchain based peer-to-peer money transfer application for banking customers. With Promize we are proposing a blockchain based low cost peer to peer money transferring system to address the challenges in traditional ATM systems and Debit/Credit card systems. Promize can be used as an alternative for traditional ATM systems (inter bank ATM systems) and Debit/Credit card systems. With the Promize, users can withdraw money from registered authorities or their friends without going to an ATM. Any user in Promize platform can act as an ATM, which is introduced as a mobile ATM. All the Promize transactions are done through the QR code based Promize mobile wallet application.

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Users need to link his/her bank account to Promize wallet application.Promize platform automates the bank account linking with using the core-banking APIs at the bank. Once a wallet linked with a bank account, Promize wallet can be used as an alternative for traditional Debit/Credit cards. Users can purchase goods from shops and pay via Promize wallet instead of using a Debit/Credit card. Promize does not provide traditional crypto-currency applications with blockchain. Instead it provides a low cost inter-bank money transferring system and payment system using blockchain. Blockchain system in the Promize platform used to link the multiple banks in the network. The Promize platforms' low cost peer to peer money transferring system guaranteeing Non-repudiation, Confidentiality, Integrity, Authenticity and Availability of the transactions using the blockchain. All the banking functionalities of Promize platform implemented in Smart contracts on Rahasak blockchain. Users are given a Promize mobile application to do money transfer transactions. The mobile app sends requests to the smart contracts on Rahasak blockchain when doing Promize transactions.


Rahasak is a highly scalable blockchain platform which is targeted for big data and IoT. Rahasak introduces an innovative blockchain which is based on Validate-Execute-Group architecture; the solution utilizes Distributed Cache and Apache Cassandra distributed storage as the underlying storage/consensus platforms. The Scala functional programming and Akka actor based Aplos Smart Contract platform in Rahasak supports concurrent execution of transactions. Rahasak, microservice-based architecture with Docker and Kubernetes ensures an easy deployment and highly scalable environment.


Octopus is a blockchain based secure log storage (secure audit trail) and analytics platform. It supports extracting relevant data from logs and stores in a blockchain with data provenance feature. Octopus platform built on top of Rahasak blockchain which is highly scalable blockchain storage for big data.


Connect is a blockchain based shared digital identity platform. It uses Rahasak blockchain as the underlying blockchain platform. This application has been built as a user identity tracking platform by using the Self Sovereign Identity approach.


Yugala is a Rahasak blockchain based, encrypted cloud storage which prevent data deduplication; the double hashing based approach is utilized to encrypt files and manage data deduplications. All the file payloads are encrypted in Yugala cloud and Rahasak blockchain based smart contracts are utilized to manage data deduplication. The data deduplication technique eliminates redundant data set; thus, when same file is uploaded by multiple clients Yugala is capable to eliminate extra copies of the relevant file and leave only one copy to be stored. The Yugala platform predominantly targeted for big data and all the backpressure operations on Yugala manage with akka streams and kafka on Rahasak blockahian.


Lekana is a Documents reviewing and approving application which is built on top of Rahasak blockchain. The application is available in both Android and iOS platforms along with a web application. The Lekana web application allows the web-administrator to upload/add documents which need to be signed/approved by multiple parties (e.g managers in multiple departments). Consequently, corresponding parties will be notified on documents approval request via Lekana Mobile Applications (A Push Notification will be sent). When notification is received, the approving party (e.g manager) pulls the document from Lekana mobile application and approves or rejects it. When approving it digitally sign the document as well as add the physical signature to the document by using PDF annotations.


Siddhi, a blockchain based logistic and delivery event tracking application which is providing the customer with end-to-end tracking information/history of a product. An example of this process is taken from the Tea Manufacturing industry and illustrated in the following figure; As presented, all the information related to activities/events occurring (with respective time and location) from the plantation to shipment can be recorded/stored in blockchain. The end-user could view this information via a mobile application. The solution comprises two mobile applications (Pax, Ops) and a blockchain based web application.